Press Release: What Putter Does Scottie Scheffler Use?

What Putter Does Scottie Scheffler Use?

Fans and followers of golfer Scottie Scheffler have been curious about the specific equipment he uses on the course, particularly his putter. According to a recent article in Golf Monthly, Scottie Scheffler currently uses a TaylorMade Spider X putter.

The TaylorMade Spider X putter is known for its stability and forgiveness, making it a popular choice among professional golfers. Scheffler has been seen using this putter during various tournaments, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability on the green.

As Scottie Scheffler continues to make waves on the professional golf circuit, fans can now rest assured knowing the putter he relies on for his putting game. The TaylorMade Spider X putter has proven to be a valuable asset for Scheffler, helping him achieve success on the course.

To learn more about Scottie Scheffler’s choice of putter and how it has impacted his game, visit Golf Monthly’s website for the full article.

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